A Spiritual Dimension

I have consciously been walking a healing path for at least the last 20 years and life has been my biggest teacher, constantly providing me with opportunities to expand and grow. Sometimes delivering magical synchronicities that seemed almost miraculous, and sometimes handing me my deepest fears to work through and dissolve. For too long I struggled with a sense of being stuck, trapped in an invisible prison, and I spent my first 30 years feeling like visitor in my own life. As a natural empath I had accumulated a deal of trauma and each day seemed to be over lighted by a constant feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.

What I didn’t know back then as I was walking in the darkness and pretending I was fine, was that there was a much bigger and brighter picture, an overview, God’s view if you like, and that I was being guided by my soul to search deeper and deeper and to keep on seeking until I could identify and dissolve the very root cause of my pain.


It is here my passion lies, in the weaving together of the spiritual path (or the bigger picture) with the human journey and this is one of my favourite ways to work with my clients.