What is Colour Mirrors?

Colour Mirrors is a holistic therapy system, created in South Africa. It is the life work of colour specialist, psychologist and wise-woman, Melissie Jolly, who generously shares her ancient knowledge of colour wisdom, through this unique and powerful system of therapy, for body, mind and spirit.

Why is it called Colour Mirrors?

The system is called is Colour Mirrors because of the way colour accurately mirrors the human energy field. Each colour choice we make from the range of dual-coloured oils and essences, mirrors back to us, our energetic biography and shows us clearly and with great precision, who we are and what is going on in our lives.


How does it work?

We choose from a range of over 100 dual coloured bottles, and our choices will reveal many truths! As if looking into a mirror, we will be shown anything that is holding us back, our issues, blocks, blind-spots and even past life patterns. Our colour choices make the hidden visible, or the unconscious, conscious, and give us vital information to enable change and healing. Often blocked emotion that has bothered us for years, holding us back and keeping us stuck, can be cleared effortlessly using the power of colour, a medicine of light that the body understands.

On the other side, our colour choices will also generously mirror back to us, our strengths and talents, potentials, gifts and true soul path. Reminding us of our inherent light and beauty which may have been forgotten and packed away under layers of life’s conditioning.

The Colour Mirrors oils and essences are effective in helping us make these changes because they directly affect our energy body, bypassing our conscious thinking mind and assisting us in dissolving and releasing blocks and resistance we have been holding on to, sometimes for our whole life, or even previous lives.

Frequency and vibration!

White light (sunlight), shone through quartz crystal (or raindrops), splits into its component parts , clearly separating each colour (or frequency) that makes up the rainbow rays. The Colour Mirrors system, using its potent range of hand-made. dual-coloured oils and essences, containing the living energies of essential oils and clear spring water, harnesses the energetic imprint of rainbow light and presents it to us in a tangible form that our body and spirit immediately knows, recognizes and loves.

Each bottle holds a particular healing vibration which interacts with our energy field. And as we hold, bath in, sit in front of, or in any way interact with the Colour Mirrors bottles, the vibration of our colour choices will reach out and ‘talk’ to our own energy field, balancing, soothing, shifting and healing in the way we are ready for. This interaction can bring about immediate shifts in energy and effect profound change.

Light is life!

The Colour Mirrors system, really needs to be experienced, as words fall short in describing the majesty of the way colour works. The essence of this system is colour, colour is light and light is life.  This is an extraordinary healing system, over-lighted by the greatest force of all – love!