I love working with colour, it is my joy, my passion and what makes my heart sing!  I combine colour with various other therapy techniques to provide individual solutions for my clients!

I am an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Colour Therapist. My journey started 25 years ago as a mother wanting to find a cure for my son’s auto immune system disorder. This led me into the miraculous world of energy medicine using colour, hypnotherapy, and soul coaching. I draw on my personal journey spanning the holistic world of alternative medicine (see My Story), 15 years of working with teenagers in Denmark with specialist training in ADHD, and over 20 years working with colour therapy.

Are you ready to re-discover your true colours?

Working with colour opens a gentle therapeutic space and provides visual and practical tools to enable clients to find creative answers to problems and discover their talents, strengths and passions. Colour is pure light energy and as such can bypass the conscious mind to work directly with the body. This enables colour therapy to get to the core of trauma often stored in our body’s cellular memory.

A session offers a powerful combination of colour therapy (based on the Colour Mirrors method), hypnotherapy & coaching and is tailor made to address your specific needs and issues. A colour therapy session helps you explore your colour choices in a therapeutic setting and support your journey to health and happiness.

Lesley McDonald

Soul Therapies

Lesley McDonald

Hypnotherapist, Colour Therapist and ADHD Coach

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What Can it help with?

Stress, anxiety trauma, sadness. Isolation, feeling stuck, needing change, low energy. A colour session (with life-coaching) can also simply be a tonic, a pick-me-up and support to make fresh new changes in your life! And when you throw colour into the therapeutic mix, you may also be looking at the spiritual dimension of spiritual growth, soul paths and the awakening journey.