Colour Therapy

Colour Mirrors therapy works by lighting the way through your colour choices. It makes the hidden visible. Your true colours shine brightly inside of you, albeit perhaps hidden from view under layers of ‘life’s burdens’. Your colour choices mirror back to you your passions, talents and life purpose, as well as your blind spots, fears and blocks. Colour can gently guide you home to YOU.
The process starts by simply choosing one or more bottles from a display of over a hundred colour combinations. Colour works on frequency and vibration so the wavelengths of the colours will reach out to you at either a conscious of subconscious level and you will be amazed to find how accurately the meanings of the specific colours and therapy bottles mirror whatever it is you are dealing with in your life. With the guidance of a therapist you will be able to interpret and understand what the colours are saying to you and work with any issues that may arise in a safe and therapeutic setting.

Are you ready to re-discover your true colours?

Working with colour opens a gentle therapeutic space and provides visual and practical tools to enable clients to find creative answers to problems and discover their talents, strengths and passions. Colour is pure light energy and as such can bypass the conscious mind to work directly with the body. This enables colour therapy to get to the core of trauma often stored in our body’s cellular memory.

A session offers a powerful combination of colour therapy (based on the  Colour Mirrors Method ), hypnotherapy & coaching and is tailor made to address your specific needs and issues. A colour therapy session helps you explore your colour choices in a therapeutic setting and support your journey to health and happiness.

What Can it help with?

Stress, anxiety trauma, sadness. Isolation, feeling stuck, needing change, low energy. A colour session (with life-coaching) can also simply be a tonic, a pick-me-up and support to make fresh new changes in your life! And when you throw colour into the therapeutic mix, you may also be looking at the spiritual dimension of spiritual growth, soul paths and the awakening journey.