My Story

After having exhausted the medical channels searching for help with my son’s autoimmune disorder, and unable to get many answers, I began to look for a more holistic approach to solving the puzzle. This change in focus marked the beginning of what was to be a lifelong journey, and the start of a chain of quite amazing synchronicities. I was introduced to an exceptional Danish Kinesiologist, Bente - ‘before we help the child, we have to help the mother’ she informed me, and poured some orange liquid into my hand. This orange coloured liquid was to have such a deep and profound healing effect on me, that in the coming weeks I was so intrigued I had to know more. I called Bente to ask what on earth she had done to me to bring about such a dramatic improvement in my mental, emotional and physical health. It was then that I learned about the power of colour healing for the very first time.


Over the next many years I studied everything I could find to do with energy medicine, colour healing and the emotional root causes of illness and dis-ease. I knew then that this was my ‘thing’ my passion and my mission. I instinctively understood the language of colour, it felt familiar, and it stirred something deep inside of me, something ancient buried deep in my soul.

In those years of searching, I was healing from the inside out. I have since studied many forms of healing and counselling, hypnotherapy, ADHD coaching and life coaching. I spent 13 years in a school in Denmark an administrative position that somehow morphed into a pastoral care role, and after countless conversations with teenagers over the years, teenage mental health is an area I am passionate about.

I am fascinated by the concept that illness has emotional roots, and also in the bigger picture, that extra layer (some may call it the spiritual layer), that asks not what is wrong with a person, but rather why is that person experiencing that!

The answer to this, and so much more, I found in my study of colour therapy, and it was this love of colour that was the thread that would lead me home to myself, home to Scotland and to the birth of ‘Colour For Health’.