Lava Bead Chakra Bracelet


Natural bracelet made up of black lava beads and crystal beads in all seven chakra colours.



Lava-stone beads and chakra crystals

The bracelet is one size (elasticated)

  • Purple (Amethyst), Crown Chakra – Promotes insight, wisdom, spirituality, healing (clearing of grief)
  • Dark Midnight Blue (Lapis), Third eye Chakra – indicative of intuition, clairvoyance, clear-seeing, initiation.
  • Reconstituted Turquoise, High Heart and Throat –  speaking up, communication, public speaking, finding your voice, playful, creative, emotion.
  • Green Agate (Heart chakra) –  Love, romance, relationships, finding new direction, helps to set boundaries and claim own space,  soothing, open-hearted, compassionate.
  • Golden Tigers Eye (Solar Plexus) –  intellect, soothing the ADHD brain, good for confusion,  self-esteem, willpower, confidence and humour.
  • Orange/Gold Acrylic (Sacral Chakra), this colour heals sexual issues, settles shock, promotes joy and cfreativity.
  • Red Agate (Base), Highlights survival, healing for money issues to do with lack mentality, can encourage  energy, passion, forward movement or help with burnout, anger, depression.  Provides strength and courage
  • Black Lava Beads – ‘Lava Rock’ volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava. Lava Stone is grounding and calming. Promotes courage and change.

*Note: The lapis is genuine, with an additional blue dye to bring out it’s natural beauty.



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