Lavendar Candle in Half Dipped Reusable Ceramic Pot (Soy Wax)


A beautiful item, natural soy candle in half dipped ceramic pot with lavendar design by Verano Ceramics.

“…In the heartland of southern Spain where summer sun shines throughout the seasons we first saw our beautiful Hand Painted and Hand Dipped Ceramics.

Many of the skilled craftsmen who create our exquisite, rustic pieces come from a long line of family tradition in ceramics and have lived in the small villages around the hills of Andalusia for many years. Clay from the dry and rugged hills is transformed into these beautiful contemporary and unique ceramics bringing warmth and happiness to your home”…

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Soy Wax Candle

The natural Soy Wax used in our candles is clean burning, releasing no harmful toxins.

Diam. 8cm

Contained in Half dipped reuseable conical pot.


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