What a wonderful way to spend a morning with Lesley doing colour therapy. Lesley is very warm and welcoming with a lovely energy. Loved my first session and shall be back for more. My daughter is also looking forward to trying it out.



A wonderful spiritual oasis offering peace and serenity through the vibrancy of colour. Lesley is very skilled and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.



 I started seeing professional help in my teenage years, but it is difficult to open up emotionally as a young person. I remember it was even more difficult to open up to strangers that were booked by my parents. I met Lesley in my late teens and she has been the only one that made me feel at ease from the very first session. She not only listened to my vulnerability but added her own to my story. It made her real and relatable. I am lucky that I found her so early in my mental well-being journey because the childhood trauma was recent and unprocessed. The work she did with me was critical to both healing and building emotional strength. Even in adulthood and having moved half the world away, I still feel at ease knowing I can always reach out to her. Lesley has been fundamental for my mental well-being.



Lesley was my saviour during my teenage years! As a very socially anxious and very extreme empath, I was always told growing up I was too sensitive and I was too dramatic and too emotional...while these things may be true, it wasn't until I had a conversation with Lesley where she suddenly made me feel ok to be who I was. The best advice I have ever been given is from Lesley which is "being emotional and feeling everything is a gift and a curse, but mostly a gift" and these words ring true even today. She provided me a safe haven where I could be myself and learn that it was OK to be myself! She has taught me so many wonderful things but mostly she gave me a home away from home, in her office, where I could feel safe and simply just allow.



During my teens, from age 16-19, I saw Lesley for Colour Therapy sessions in Copenhagen. I had never had any form of therapy before - traditional or holistic, and did not know what to expect. From the very first session with Lesley, I knew I had found something and someone very special.


Unlike traditional therapy, Lesley’s sessions do not require you to recount traumatic experiences or reveal your deepest darkest secrets, instead healing is guided by the bottles of colour. Each session, Lesley would ask me to select a coloured bottle that caught my eye - whether it be for its beauty, “ugliness” or interest to my eye. She would then explain the meaning behind the colour - which would incredibly always mirror my life - past or present. Some sessions I chose to share what those parallels were between the bottles and my experiences, and other times, I would chose to reflect in my own time. Each session I was drawn to selecting different bottles, and through that process, as my subconscious was always in control - I was only exploring emotions and experiences I was ready to deal with.


The power of what Lesley does, lies in the power you hold in the session.


Each session was an incredible experience. Especially as a teenager, there is something so reassuring in seeing your feelings, emotions and experiences confirmed as they are mirrored back to you. It is like a secret language - only you know what the colours are trying to tell you.


Lesley is patient, caring, non-judgemental, loving, and through your colour selection, is able to remedy each colour’s message with its complimentary colour. I remember during the last few years of high school Lesley encouraged me to keep more of the colour red around me - particularly a ‘red spray’. I remember any time I felt overwhelmed, sad or anxious, I would spray the red oil in my hands - breathing it in for a few seconds. Almost instantly I felt relieved, at peace and able to continue my day.


Naturally as I felt more comfortable around Lesley, she became somewhat of a life coach for me, and to this day has been one of the most influential figures in my life. Lesley taught me to be patient with myself, to trust my judgement, and to have trust in the path that is ahead for me. She taught me the power of reflection, and helped me ‘get to know myself’ - my limits, my strengths, and my fears. All relationships in my life improved as a result of working with Lesley. Instead of overthinking the future, I decided to trust in the signs and let my ‘gut’ feeling guide me. That inner peace was the most incredibly freeing and comforting feeling to hold as I started life outside of high school.


Every single person I have recommended to Lesley has had a similarly life changing experience. On behalf of us all, thank you.


(High School Student)