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Upcoming in 2023:

  • OCTOBER Colour Mirrors Chakra set ( 3 days over 3 months ) Date TBA

Learn how to work with the Colour Mirrors Chakra Set and how to integrate Colour Mirrors into your therapy practice to give your clients a real colourful wellbeing treat.

The Colour Mirrors Chakra Set is an invaluable resource for working on the physical as well as the emotional body. Colour is pure light energy and as such can bypass the thinking mind to work directly with the body and the body’s cellular memory. working with the CHakra Set can deeply enhance your client practice as well as your own personal journey!


ALSO in the pipeline for the Atumn 2023

  • Expansion through Colour  (Colour Mirrors System) (2-day weekend workshop)
  • Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training (10 weekends over 6 months)


Summer 2023 Events

  • Saturday, July 15th  - Introduction to Colour Mirrors. (Free event)
  • Sunday, July 16th -  Introduction to the Colour Mirrors Chakra bottles, 11am -1:30pm (£20)

Spring 2023 Events

Saturday April 17th at Dovelight Wellbeing Center in Edinburgh. Introduction to Colour Mirrors Workshop 11am - 4pm


See MORE below:

  • Colour Mirrors Therapy at home (see below)
  • Find your voice (see below)
  • Teen help (See below)


Colour Mirrors therapy and mini-readings in the comfort of your own home:

As the energies accelerate and more and more people begin to experience a spiritual awakening, Colour Wisdom is going mobile and coming to you. By popular request we are now accepting (currently limited) bookings for home gatherings. Get-together with max 5 like-minded friends to experience the potent magic of the Colour Mirrors system with an afternoon or evening of healing, learning and individual mini readings in the comfort of your own home. Contact Colour Wisdom


Walking the Path

Spiritual growth coaching (using colour ray guidance). Are you going through an awakening process. Book a session to understand your awakening process!



Teen help!

ADHD Coaching and 'the bigger pictire'

Teen mental health -  (see testimonials page for info.)

Get in touch !!!



Dare to speak up! 

* NOT your normal public speaking training!

This group is for those who are so terrified of speaking out it is negatively impacting their job/life) Small groups (max 5 people) gentle exercises working with breathing, throat chakra and root cause healing (can be in past life trauma etc.)

Get in touch for info!